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The core four now five, including Zay were about to graduate high school, Maya was finally dating the man of her dreams, Joshua Matthews, Riley was happily in a relationship with Charlie, Farkle finally made a move and asked Isadora Smackle to be his lady, Zay even starting dating a girl named Sarah. Lucas Friar was the only single one in their group. He dated a few girls throughout high school, even tried to date Riley in 9th grade but they realized that they were better off as friends, so when she starting going out with Charlie he was genuinely happy for them. Lucas felt lonely. And this year she did, Charlie Gardner. Every year since 8th grade, Charlie went above and beyond to invite Riley to any school dance they had. He said, taking a seat on a bench and looking towards his dirty boots.

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That was all she asks for of her friends was a little honest. But what did she get? A big ole nothing but hurt. She didn’t mind the fact that even though they were suppose to be on a break from the triangle Lucas and Maya started dating. She didn’t even mind that her friends knew for the past month and a half.

triangle Lucas and Maya started dating. She didn’t even mind that her friends knew for the past month and a half. No what hurt Riley the most.

But because I got a little carried away I think this will end up being a two shot. Hope you guys like it. Word Count: 2, Zay dramatically rolled his eyes, slinging his backpack over his shoulder as the two of them maneuvered their way through the hall. First period was the only class the two of them had together this year. It was different in the previous years. Being best friends, Zay always made sure they took all the same classes, that way they could mooch off of each other and have someone to crack jokes with.

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A brunette and a blonde walked the halls of John Quincy High School. The brunette was Madison “Maddie” Foster. The blonde was Katherine “Kate Argent” Argent.

And Lucas is saying goodbye to Maya so he can date Riley. I still have my lucaya heart Lucaya Fanfiction, Old Disney, Cute Disney, Disney Dream, Disney.

Farkle has had a crush on Riley since first grade, but she doesn’t feel the same way and only considers him a close friend. In Girl Meets the Truth , Riley and Farkle shared their first kiss and although he mostly kissed her chin, they said it still counts. After, the events of Girl Meets Farkle it seems that Farkle has gotten over his crush on Riley the same goes for him and Maya as in recent episodes he isn’t as affectionate as he used to be when the series started.

They are considered to be close childhood friends and it is shown in some episodes such as ” Girl Meets the Truth “, ” Girl Meets Flaws “, ” Girl Meets Texas Part 3 ” that Farkle and Riley share a strong and deep bond. When he confronts Riley about it, she admits he’s right and begs him to not tell anyone; Farkle agrees, but stipulates that Riley has to come clean to everyone or else he will. Riley tells Farkle she loves him. By Girl Meets The New Year , Riley still has not revealed her feelings, so right at midnight Farkle loudly announces to everyone at the party that she still loves Lucas, leaving everyone stunned.

In Girl Meets STEM Riley calls Farkle a sexist pig when he takes over their science project and let her drop the marble, rather than letting her do the science. She wants to learn more about science and felt as if he was not valuing her scientific ability. In the end, Farkle apologizes, saying “There is no situation where I wouldn’t want that for you to get better,” which causes Riley to get confused.

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The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series.

Problem, Lucas and Riley are dating. Has Lucas really moved on? What happens when old feelings arise? Will Lucas and Riley last? Rated M for.

See more ideas about Riley and farkle, Boy meets world and Girl meets world farkle. So I decided to take our favorite characters and write about what happens when they are dating the same person. Girl Meets World Preferences Set 2 years and three months after Texas. Riley and Farkle having been dating in secret for a year behind everyone’s backs. What will happen? Riley and Farkle are secretly dating, fearful of other people’s reactions namely their friends and family.

This is simply to put their connection in production order. Includes some commentary Check out my other They are both deeply unique Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle are now all Juniors in high school. I’ve been dating your daughter for just about four years now. Farkle, Riley and Lucas decide

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Dinner was a lot different now that Shawn lived with them in a whole new apartment. And we just went over notes in Chemistry so it was really easy and relaxed. Lunch was great, as usual ever since they got that new lunch lady. And Mr.

Lucaya Lucas Friar and Maya Hart. Disney Channel Girl Lucas and Maya only ever speak in class never outside of it. History Fanfiction. More information.

Could you please give me the tumblers of the other member. It doesn’t show some of the crew’s tumblrs. I already had started writing this story last night at like 2 am when I was a little bit upset about something and just started to churn it out. I got really excited when I saw this prompt today, since it was aligning with a lot of what I had already started writing!

Thanks to ilvermornyexchangestudent for looking this over! She notices the remarks in Pre-Calculus.

“I Really Like You Riley”

Lucas: So I can start with his training as soon as possible. Gives her the little name tag. Maya: What training?

Of course, Riley had been dating Lucas for nearly a year, but even so, every date they went on still had Riley bouncing off the walls in eager.

Happy birthday, Mads. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Riley lets out a deep breath as she gathers her thoughts at her locker, eyes closed as she tries to breathe steadily. She runs her hand through hair in an attempt to calm the irritation that she is feeling. Instead, her irritation creeps up a notch when she is reminded by how much shorter her hair is than she had planned. Keep reading. Although they are still together the distance has put a strain on the long term relationship.

With all the new friends Riley was making there came just as many jealous reactions from Lucas. Lucas had a big smile on his face. Lucas literally felt his heart being ripped apart, chewed up, spit out, and stomped on.


Hey guys so i love the show girl meets worldso i decided that i would make a farkle and maya fanfiction, i know everyone likes lucas and riely fanfictions but nobody has ever really read one about farkle and maya, so here it goes. Maya hart i s the deuteragonist in girl meets world like riley maya is also in seventh grade age 12 she goes to john quincy adams middle school she is best friends with riley.

A description of tropes appearing in girl meets world this is how riley and maya react in girl meets maya’s mother, when farkle begins to take off his. Farkle, maya and riley is the friendship pairing of farkle minkus, maya hart and riley matthews in season 1, farkle’s relationships with the girls were more romantic on his side. You are reading girl meets all grown upwell, we’ll see a girl meets world fanfic on hold fanfiction riley matthews, maya hart, lucas friar, and farkle mincus are all grown upwell almost.

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In girl meets world are riley and lucas dating With her cheeks, ben savage, lucas gets fanfiction. Catch me dating. Dating for a date and develops a smile on her or maya are lucas gets fanfiction riley has anyone noticed how maya? Riley r right for a girl meets world fanfiction at the pair get this far. T give online.

Riley needs a date night, so Lucas gives her one. Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Angst – Riley M., Lucas F. – Words: 2, – Reviews: 8.

I can understand why some people ship Maya and Lucas together. I mean, they have had some cute moments, none particularly significant except for maybe the one in Texas, but still cute. However, the thing that I absolutely do not get is how and why people think they are ever going to be endgame or anything remotely close to endgame. Lucas and Riley: From day 1, the feels have been so strong between the two.

The list goes on and on. So, though the road may be long and bumpy with the age difference and all, at the end of the day, I firmly believe that it will still lead them to each other. Cory told Josh he would find his Topanga one day and many people including the writers and the fandom seem to be comparing Maya to Topanga a lot these days.

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My First Rucas Fic. I can do better I know I can, I can do better. I know I can but I hope you like it anyway. He never felt he had a reason to be, he knew Riley would never cheat on him or anyone for that matter but he also was afraid that someone would come between them again, New York had a lot of attractive young minds and she had many to choose from. The first time it happened was after they officially began dating well into their Sophmore Year.

Riley started tutoring students older and younger to get extra credit.

Lucas and Maya only ever speak in class never outside of it. History #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad. Lucas and Maya only ever speak in.

Ani Simon-Kennedy. Mrs Friar: So, my big boy, are you gonna tell me what happened to your eye? Lucas: Maya… Maya did it. Mrs Friar: I thought big kids were not allowed on the playground. My son was bullied yesterday by a bigger kid. Teacher: They are not. Only Toddlers. And your son is one of the biggest kids we have. Mrs Friar: Then how did my son got a black eye? He said it was a new girl named Maya.

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