Cancer and Leo are two worlds apart. With their striking differences, they have distinctive approach towards life both personally and professionally. Leo finds moodiness if Cancer very disconcerting while Cancer cannot stand proud nature of Leo. But with a generous dose of tolerance and understanding, this relationship can work very well. Typical Cancer are very gentle people with lots of emotions and sophisticated mannerism. They are the people who work hard with determination to achieve success which is more a synonym of money for them.

Cancer and Leo: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Signs side-by-side on the zodiac wheel are often opposites; the second sign makes up for what the first sign lacks. Thus, when you met your Cancer, you instinctively knew this person has traits you wish you had, and knows things about the world you wish you knew. Cancer is, after all, the most caring and sensitive of signs. Cancers read body language easily and always seem to know where people stand emotionally.

This is because they are a water sign, and have been given a certain amount of telepathic ability.

Learn more about the compatibility between Cancer and Leo in terms of love, sex​, marriage and life. Can Cancer and Leo form a compatible relationship?

Leo and Cancer are two signs of the zodiac that many would not likely think to set up on a blind date. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is a good way to characterize this twosome. Leo likes to shine under the Sun, while Cancer tends to hide in the shadows from the moonlight, and this analogy characterizes both the negative and positive traits of both signs on a fundamental level, since Cancer is more of an introvert, with Leo serving as one of the zodiac’s resident extroverts.

This difference in how they approach the world and connect with the people around it, can work for the Leo and Cancer pair, or it can become a huge impediment to their future together. There is overlap in their values of home and family, and complementary personality traits that will make this relationship work. Leo and Cancer compatibility is tricky, though. There are traits in each sign that are likely to kick off the negative ones of the other, if these two are not mindful of their less appealing characteristics.

Leos love attention, which is generally great in this union because Cancer is often quietly nurturing and wants to give it to them. If Cancer feels threatened or is upset with Leo though, it is likely to be a different story. The Leo and Cancer love compatibility is there on some levels, but it is more complicated than an easy and resounding “yes,” when it comes to compatibility. There is a yin and yang balance to Leo and Cancer sexually that makes this side of their relationship work.

At the same time, Leo and Cancer can have some awkward moments in bed together, leaving the Leo unsatisfied or the Cancer uncomfortable.

I am Leo, My Lover is Cancer

It may be difficult to convince a Cancer to talk openly about what’s bothering them, but if you can do it without making them feel threatened, you’ll build long-lasting trust. Here’s what you should know about this zodiac sign. Read your free Cancer love horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for your love life and relationship today!

As long as Cancer and Leo never take for granted their relationship, as long as they reassure one another in practical and romantic ways that this relationship is important to both of them, they can usually find a happy medium. No small number of disputes can rise from this difference.

Maybe it’s the Rising sign influence? Nothing against your evaluation skills, but this just isn’t me, as a Cancer. But I have a Rising Leo sign, so that.

Cancer and Leo can be a challenging match. You’re more compatible than with many other signs, however this is still unlikely to be a smooth ride all the time. If you can both adapt to the others style then this is a relationship which will improve steadily over time, and eventually rival any other match. These scores show the averages for data collected from my clients over the past 20 years. It’s important to note however that individual relationships vary enormously.

This is a summarized picture, a real compatibility reading is needed to judge a real relationship. It’s also worth noting that Soulmates can be found in any sun sign match, even those which are statistically likely to have low compatibility.

Gay Cancer Dating: The Hermit

Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological compatibility. She’s been an online writer for over five years. This match is going to be steamy—and kind of wild. As Zodiac neighbors, Cancer and Leo have automatic compatibility. Cancer is the first water sign of the year and Leo, the second fire sign, comes right after it.

When Cancer and Leo make a love match, they understand and know how to satisfy basic emotional needs within one another. Both these Signs require.

To respin the old joke: What do two Cancers bring on a second date? Answer: a U-Haul. Cancer is the zodiac’s nester, and you’ll quickly set up a home with a fully-stocked kitchen, cozy furniture, a hand-wired sound system and eclectic art. This is a Water sign match that can work out swimmingly. You’re both sensitive and nurturing, and you feel safe in each other’s thoughtful care. With your love of culture, you may need a separate room for your collection of books, music and film.

While you’ll create a trove of sentimental memories and a lovely little family, you can become too insular together. Push yourselves to leave the comfy Crabshell and take more risks.


Leo and Cancer are neighbours in the zodiac and typically get along well as friends and colleagues. There are intriguing signs that Leo and Cancer compatibility can work well as a love affair too, provided both partners give a little understanding to the other. In terms of mythology and archetypes, these two are represented by the Royal and the Homemaker.

Pisces woman are hopeless romantics, so strong self-assured man and now you date men of independence. Im dating cancer compatibility gets a leo woman.

People whose birthdays are between the 19th to 25th of July are the group of special people born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. Cancerians in their usual state are known to be calm yet easily stirred. This is because the sign is ruled by the water element, whereas Leos, ruled by the fire element, are highly influential people that find no difficulty in vocalizing their opinions. Being timid, sensitive and empathetic is brought about by the Cancer sign, while the Leo sign often brings out the confident and zealous character in them.

Even though these characters may seemingly contradict each other, people born on the cusp of oscillation find ways to make these two signs work hand in hand to create positive changes. For instance, the sensitive and loving Cancer together with the compelling and zealous Leo in them makes a great leader to support a drive they strongly believe in. People who are born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo are ambiverts. The extroverted Leo in them loves to mingle, they find enjoyment in meeting new faces, and they are thrilled to be invited to social gatherings, whereas the introverted Cancer in them loathes even the slightest idea of having to communicate with humans as they curse whoever invented parties.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Your Soulmate, Based On Your Sign

Cancer and Leo make a very interesting couple due to the fact they are the only signs in the zodiac ruled by the lights in the sky, both of which are not planets — the Sun and the Moon. Unfortunately we know how unsatisfying the sex between a king and a queen can be like. The sexual aspect of their relationship depends on the depth of their emotions.

Read your free Cancer love horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for your love life and relationship today! As long as Cancer and Leo never take.

More so, their communication line is absolutely perfect. Leo is probably one of the most sympathetic and sensitive signs in the zodiac, so they always understand where Cancer is coming from. Likewise, they are fun to be with, exciting, and adventurous. They never run out of taboo breaking and creative ways to enjoy theirselves; it is as if days will never be the same without them. And sometimes, their inputs are very stimulating, especially when it comes to projects involving financial stability.

Lastly, the relationship between Leo and Cancer will always have direction. Both are natural leaders, and though they may clash on some opinions and views, the fact remains that they only want what is best for their relationship. Both signs find much fulfilment when their loved one listens to what they say or their advice, and though Leo has the tendency to question everything, they never fail to accept the good things Cancer can offer.

When it comes to emotional inclination, Cancer and Leo may differ a bit, but it is something that they can always work out. Leo likes receiving compliments, and when they do, they will clutch to their partner like purring kittens. And because Cancer seeks attention and affection themselves, it comes easy for them to point Leo in the right direction. More so, Leo is not a social butterfly. Like Cancer, they value stability and long-term commitments, which is why infidelity and insecurity have no room in their relationship.

Leo + Cancer: Gay Dating And Relationship Compatibility Analysis

When you fall in love with someone, it can feel like all the planets have literally aligned to bring this person into your life. That’s especially true if you and your partner are more emotional and sentimental in nature. Take, for instance, Leo and Cancer. Both of these signs are true believers in love and want nothing more than to settle down with their forever person. That being said, it would seem like they’d make a perfect match. But are Cancer and Leo compatible?

You, Leo, must learn to back off and not try to dominate Cancer. Cancer needs to learn to stand on their own two feet and not need your constant approval. If all this.

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Cancer and Leo Relationship Compatibility ♋️ + ♌️

A Leo and Cancer love match isn’t the best match in the zodiac. Leo is fire and Cancer is water. These two elements are opposite and have very precise chemical reactions to each other that can quickly dim any initial sparks. Water will extinguish a fire. This is not a metaphor, but a law of physics. The element of water will drown out a roaring fire.

Cancer Woman Leo Man Compatibility. Still, because of their rulers, they can get pretty close and share fine emotions in their sexual encounters. This likes.

Friendship Compatibility For cancer And leo. A friendship between a Cancer and a Leo is one in which both friends could understand and provide for each other. Leo love to be respected and admired, and Cancer look for steadiness and emotional happiness. Both signs require dedication and support, and present them to each other. They are both faithful to each other, often possessive of each other, especially among other friends. Their desires are very similar, and one sign could give the other what they need.

They usually form a strong friendship that could stand the test of time. Cancer and Leo like luxury and safety in their lives, and love to do things extravagantly. They both love a pleasant, productive atmosphere, and a loyal group of friends. However, Leo are more dynamic and more exciting, while Cancer are more sentimental. Leo go for and often achieve bigger, better things, presenting themselves as a symbol of success, wealth and status.


Maybe it’s the Rising sign influence? Nothing against your evaluation skills, but this just isn’t me, as a Cancer. But I have a Rising Leo sign, so that may be why I’m happier to be in the spotlight, and more forward and sexual in relatjonships. I am a cnacer man and I find all of what you say dsiturbing your not al all true we are complex like any other and yes the moon part of what we are.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility. Leo and Cancer have diametrically opposite natures: they have little in common, and therefore such a union is rare in life. Their.

Planetary Movements. Neighboring signs on the horoscope wheel, Cancer and Leo, desire an exciting and fulfilling relationship. They would go to any lengths to make it wonderful and worthwhile. Hence Cancer Leo compatibility is packed with over the top romantic gestures, fun-filled activities, admirations, endless conversations and cliched rituals like gift giving and weekend getaways. They are faithful beyond the point of possessiveness and are committed to making it a strongly enduring alliance.

It might sound very conventional but it very true; Cancer Leo Love Compatibility looks promising and how things turn out depends on the way these two accept each other despite their individualistic flaws. A relationship representing the confluence of two opposite polarities. But with caring and affectionate Cancer, and loyal Leo, the going gets easy. And not to forget, we are talking about two of the most strong-willed signs, so there are all the more reasons to bet on this pair.

Leos are fixed by nature and Cancers are Cardinal. While one is pretty vulnerable to hardships, the other is equally stable. Maybe not in a very ideal way, but they still complement each other and can act as a powerful support system when times are not favorable. However, despite their undying efforts to commit themselves completely towards making this a rock solid association, they cannot help but continue onto their distinct paths and follow dissimilar interests which is why their relationship is considered a roller coaster ride.

But again, nothing in life is ever easy, and you need to work hard to turn things your way.

The Leo Experience: Leo&Cancer Compatibility