Radiocarbon dating of phytolith traces rice domestication to 10,000 years ago

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A review of carbon isotopes of phytoliths: implications for phytolith-occluded carbon sources

The study of plant remains in archaeological sites, along with a better understanding of the use of plants by prehistoric populations, can help us shed light on changes in survival strategies of hunter-gatherers and consequent impacts on modern human cognition, social organization, and technology. These sites have provided some of the earliest evidence for complex human behaviour and technology during the MSA. We used phytoliths—amorphous silica particles that are deposited in cells of plants—as a proxy for the reconstruction of past human plant foraging strategies on the south coast of South Africa during the Middle and Late Pleistocene, emphasizing the use and control of fire as well as other possible plant uses.

We analysed sediment samples from the different occupation periods at the rock shelter Pinnacle Point 5—6 North PPN.

Its earliest occupation dates to the Middle. Bronze Age IIA (ca. e BCE) and its tell was contin- uously and intensely settled until the Roman period (c.

Phytolith-occluded carbon PhytOC is mainly derived from the products of photosynthesis, which can be preserved in soils and sediments for hundreds-to-thousands of years due to the resilient nature of the amorphous phytolith silica. Therefore, stable and radioactive carbon C isotopes of phytoliths can be effectively utilized in paleoecological and archeological research.

Therefore, it is necessary to review this topic to better understand the source of PhytOC. We introduce the stable and radioactive C isotopic compositions of PhytOC, present the impacts of different extraction methods on the study of PhytOC, and discuss the implications of these factors for determining the sources of PhytOC. Based on this review, we suggest that organic matter synthesized by photosynthesis is the main source of PhytOC. Though the two-pool hypothesis has been proved by many researches, the carbon isotopes of phytoliths still have potential in paleoecology and archeology, because the main source is photosynthesis and many previous studies put forward the availability of these parameters.

AMS radiocarbon dating of phytoliths

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FIGURE 2 | Influence of harsh digestion protocols on phytolith. Recent debates in phytolith carbon dating research include the following topics: Is phytolith dating.

Peasants transplant rice seedlings. Rice Oryza sativa L. Rice farming has provided an important material and cultural basis for the development and prosperity of Chinese civilization. Research into when, where and against what environmental background rice was domesticated has led to considerable discussion over the past decade.

The study of phytolith carbon and morphological characteristics, by Prof. LU Houyuan’s laboratory at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, suggests that rice domestication may have begun at Shangshan in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China during the beginning of the Holocene. Rice remains mainly from phytoliths , found at the Shangshan site in the Lower Yangtze, may represent the first instance of rice cultivation.

However, organic material at the site is poorly preserved due to acidic soil conditions.

Traces of 2,000-Year-Old Banana Farm Found in Australia

Taking the necessary measures to maintain employees’ safety, we continue to operate and accept samples for analysis. Pretreatment — Generally no pretreatments are applied in the lab and we analyze the submitted material. However, we will test a sub-sample for carbonate with an acid wash or, upon instruction, apply a full acid wash in the case of known carbonates.

Data incorporated here include dated architectural finds, sediments from the Shahrizor valley, phytolith samples from archaeological and offsite.

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Phytoliths dating advice

Rice Oryza sativa L. Rice farming has provided an important material and cultural basis for the development and prosperity of Chinese civilization. Research into when, where and against what environmental background rice was domesticated has led to considerable discussion over the past decade. The study of phytolith carbon and morphological characteristics, by Prof. LU Houyuan’s laboratory at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, suggests that rice domestication may have begun at Shangshan in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China during the beginning of the Holocene.

Phytolith Analysis and Dating. Phytoliths were isolated from modern plants and archaeological sediments using standard methods of analysis (ref. 4 in the print.

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Radiocarbon dating of prehistoric phytoliths: a preliminary study of archaeological sites in China

They may not have had fancy mattresses, but the earliest human ancestors were quite capable of putting together a cosy place to sleep. Newly found remains of human bedding in an ancient archaeological site show just how clever they were at doing so. Not only is this more than , years earlier than the previous record of deliberate plant-based human bedding – the beds were constructed on layers of ash, that would have protected the sleepers from annoying insects.

Phytoliths (from Greek, “plant stone”) are rigid, microscopic structures made of silica, found in To date, phytolith analyses have also been popular for studies of rice. Because the morphology of rice phytoliths has been significantly.

Biomineralization is a common process in nature in both the plant and animal kingdoms and four major minerals can be precipitated: calcite, aragonite, apatite and opal. In addition, there is a wide variety of other less common biominerals, including calcium, strontium and iron oxides as well as hydroxides, fluorides, sulphates, and oxalates. Calcification takes place in marine and freshwater macroalgae, coccolithophorids, and perhaps bacteria and fungi, while silification occurs in diatoms and some flowering plants.

Diatoms deposit opal silica in the cell walls to produce the so-called frustule. Higher plants absorbe biogenic silica as silicic acid Si OH 4 and this is moved all over the plant by the transport system but generally deposition happen in the organs with highest evapo-transpiration e. The most common form of biomineralization in higher plants, however, is calcium oxalate as calcium is acquired from the soil solution by the root system White and Broadley However, due to its high solubility once deposited and the low taxonomical specificity, it is rarely used in archaeobotanical studies.

Calcium oxalate CaC2O4. Calcium oxalate crystals may form in any organ or tissue within the plant and it is known from roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds and within epidermal, ground, and vascular tissues Prychid and Rudall Calcium oxalate often forms in idioblasts, cells that develop in isolation with structure or content distinct from surrounding cells. It can take different crystalline forms

Human Ancestors Made Beds 200,000 Years Ago, And Then Burnt Them

Frontiers in Phytolith Research View all 20 Articles. Phytolith radiocarbon dating can be traced back to the s. However, its reliability has recently been called into question. Piperno summarized recent dating evidence, but most phytolith dating results from China were not included in the review because they are written in Chinese.

The technique of radiocarbon dating occluded carbon in opal phytoliths has been uti- lized sporadically since the pioneering work of Wilding.

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PhytCore: New Phytolith Database

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It is also clear from the charcoal and phytolith data that bamboo abundance and recent Phytolith dating suggested possible mixing of phytoliths throughout the.

The findings challenge the once-predominant view that these early humans were exclusively hunter gatherers, says lead author Robert Williams , an archaeologist at Australian National University, in a statement. Finds included fossilized traces of fruit, stone tools, charcoal and retaining walls. In neighboring Papua New Guinea, evidence of banana farming dates back even earlier, with excavations yielding signs of roughly 7,year-old cultivation, according to a study published in the journal Science.

Some of these sites included terraces that looked like they could have once hosted gardens, leading Williams to analyze their soil in search of fossilized traces of ancient crops. After examining thousands of microfossils, the researchers identified granules of banana starch and traces of microscopic structures known as phytoliths , notes the Times.

The discovery holds special resonance for Williams, who is himself a descendant of the Kambri Ngunnawal peoples. It demonstrates through clear evidence the diversity and complexity of early horticulture in the western Torres Strait. Continue or Give a Gift.

Rice Was First Grown At Least 9,400 Years Ago

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Phytolith 14C dates on modern Neotropical plants provide post-bomb ages as expected. •. These and previous dating results do not indicate a too-old skew to.

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